Q: What is Sweet Kitty Sugaring?

A: Sweet Kitty Sugaring is an all-natural hair removal method safe for the whole body that has been utilized for thousands of years.  There is documentation that the Pharaoh’s of Egypt used sugar paste for hair removal.  It is gaining popularity in the US, but it has been the favored hair removal method in the Middle East for centuries.  

Q: How does Sweet Kitty Sugaring Paste work?

A: Sweet Kitty Sugar Paste is used at room temperature, with no equipment but your hands.  Simply, pull a ball of sugar paste out of the jar, spread on the skin against the direction of hair growth, and quickly flick-off in the direction of hair growth.  The sugar paste is pliable enough to be manipulated with your hands, but firm enough to hold together when flicking off - taking all unwanted hair with it.  The sugar paste will adhere to your hair, but not your skin.  Sweet Kitty Sugar Paste is water-soluble, so clean up is a breeze, just wipe with warm water.  It is almost magical!


Q: How is Sweet Kitty Sugar Paste made?




Q: How is Sweet Kitty Sugaring different from waxing?

A: Sweet Kitty Sugar Paste is made by cooking sugar, lemon juice, water, and molasses together to make a firm, but pliable sticky paste.  The ingredients are all-natural, food grade products.



A: Sweet Kitty Sugaring differs from waxing in five main ways: ingredients, temperature, equipment, application direction, and cleanup.  

  • Ingredients: Sweet Kitty Sugar Paste is made with all-natural, food grade ingredients.  It is incredibly safe.  Wax is often mixed with plastics and other potentially harmful ingredients.  
  • Temperature: Sweet Kitty Sugar Paste is used at room temperature.  Wax is warmed.  Wax warming is not only inconvenient, but it also makes the process more painful.  When your skin is warmed, your nerve endings come to life. Using a room temperature product is substantially more comfortable.
  • Equipment: There is no equipment or supplies necessary for Sweet Kitty Sugaring.  It is so simple.  Wax requires the purchase of a warmer, application sticks, strips, and after use wax removal solution.
  • Application Direction: Sweet Kitty Sugar Paste is applied against the direction of hair growth and pulled off with the direction of hair growth.  This is not only less painful, but it causes fewer ingrown hairs due to less hair breakage.  Wax is applied in the opposite direction.  
  • Cleanup: Wax is not water-soluble.  Waxing requires the purchase of chemical laden solutions to remove any wax residue from your body or anywhere else. Sweet Kitty Sugar Paste is completely water-soluble.  The clean up could not be easier.  Simply wipe the area with a warm, wet washcloth and you are done.

Q: Does it hurt?





Q: What supplies are necessary?



Q: How often does it need to be done?

A: Yes, we do not tell lies at Sweet Kitty.  Any time you pull hair out from the root, it will hurt.  Don’t fall for any product that tells you otherwise.  What we can say is that due to the temperature of Sweet Kitty Sugar Paste and the direction of hair removal it hurts much, much less than waxing.  Also, every time you sugar less and less hair grows back and it hurts less every time you do it.  Remember the first time you plucked your eyebrows and cried, and now you do it without even flinching?  This is the same concept.  Every time you use Sweet Kitty Sugaring, it gets a little sweeter.


A: Nothing!  This is such an amazing thing about Sweet Kitty Sugaring.  No heat, no sticks, no strips.  Simply pull a ball out of the container and instantaneously remove hair.


A: This is different for every person based on the speed of hair growth and personal preferences.  Most customers use Sweet Kitty Sugar Paste once every four to eight weeks.